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Japanese Distilled Beverage

Shochu (焼酎) is a Japanese distilled spirit which can be made from ingredients such as sweet potatoes, rice, barley and many others. The beverage is made of rice, barley and many others. The beverage has earned the appellation “KOKUSHU: National Alcoholic Spirits” because it embodies the essence of Japan. Honkaku Shochu is produced in a “single distillation still” from the moromi broth made in sake production. This traditional single distillation.

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Japanese Plum Wine

Umeshu (梅酒) is a Japanese traditional drink made of apricot mixed with alcohol and sugar. It has a sweet, sour taste, and an alcohol content of 10‒15%. The lack of bitterness and aroma of umeshu can appeal to even those who normally dislike alcoholic beverage.

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Japanese Rice Wine

Sake (日本酒) is a Japanese beverage made from rice through fermentation and filtration. It has been made for over 1,000 years all over the Japanese islands The drink enjoys widespread popularity and is served at all types of restaurants and drinking establishments.

For the fermentation of sake, a kind of fungi innoculated on rice is used. One unique characteristic of sake is that it contains a lot of amino acids, which are responsible for “umami” (savoury taste). It is an excellent pairing for traditional Japanese dishes as well as western and other cuisines due to the presence of umami.

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Japanese Blended Whisky

GIN blended whisky, A blend of rice grain and malt that is casked for over a year before bottling, GIN blended whisky has fresh aroma and unique but balanced smooth crisp taste for the palate.

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Red & White

From South Eastern Australia, Our wine selection is a balanced of wine aromatic. The flavor, taste and aroma comes from the addition of fine natural original wine.

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Cooking Ingredients

Japanese Cooking Ingredients

Aside from soy sauce, a few other cooking ingredients are considered a staple in Japanese cuisine. These traditional cooking ingredients are Cooking Sake and mirin. They contain alcohol that helps to prevent loss of moisture in meat and thus make it tender, and enhances the flavour of the dish.

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Traditional Japanese Herbal Medicine

Yomeishu is an herbal remedy that was first produced in Japan in 1602 and has an extraordinary effect that has been felt by millions of people.
Yomeishu is made from the extracts of herbal ingredients above through the process of soaking into a solution in accordance with the standardization of Japanese medicinal preparations.
Glucose —- 22 w / v%
Alcohol —- 14 vol%

Epimedii Herba (J.P) 114mg
Curcuma Rhizhoma (J.P) 36mg
Cinnamomi Cortex (J.P) 270mg
Carthami Flos (J.P) 12mg
Rehmanniae Radix (J.P) 60mg
Paeoniae Radix (J.P) 60mg
Caryophylli Flox (J.P) 24mg
Eucommiae Cortex (J.P) 18mg
Cistanchis Herba (J.P) 48mg
Radix Ginseng (J.P) 60mg
Saposhnikoviae Radix (J.P) 96mg
Leonuri Herba (J.P) 48mg
Linderae Umbellatae Ramus 594mg
Agkistrodon Japonicae 12mg

Yomeishu as a traditional herbal medicine can increase appetite, improve blood circulation, improve digestion, reduce fatigue, strengthen body condition and reduce weakness after illness.

How to use:
Drink 20ml using “yomeishu cup” 3 times a day before meals and or before bed.


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